Project Description

Ambulance Station, Bradford

Client: Yorkshire Ambulance Service Trust

An options’ appraisal developed to investigate the modernisation of the existing facility operating from the original 1970’s station building.

As part of the wider scale scheme the Trust was implementing in order to transform all its services into the Hub and Spoke model of care, the healthcare team was approached to produce a Feasibility Study to build a new Ambulance Hub on the site of the existing Bradford Ambulance Station, if demolished.

Drawing from experience and understanding of the budget limitations, the team in addition to the new built option offered the Trust an alternative solution to redevelop and refurbish the existing building, which was of structurally sound condition and would have a suitable serviceable life if refurbished to mitigate any backlog maintenance issues.

The scheme provided the Trust with detail analysis on both new build and refurb options highlighting the cost and time benefits of the refurbishment option as well as the compromises in the design against the new build solution, to assist with the decision making within the Trust.

Imagery: Courtesy of DLA FreemanWhite